Every 6 years each parish in the Church of England has to prepare a new Electoral Roll. In practice this means that anyone wishing to be a member of the new Roll has to re-apply. Preparation of our new Roll commences with immediate effect, and must be completed by 30th March, in order to comply with the prescribed timetable.

If you regard yourself as a member of this congregation (whether or not you’ve ever completed a form before or been on the roll for many years), please complete the form as soon as you can. There will be a copy with your pew sheet on Sunday, copies available in the Cathedral or you can download and print out an application form, fill it in and let us have it.

If you are in contact with members of the congregation who are currently unable to attend in person, please take a form and ask them to complete it.

Please return completed forms to Peter Gibbins, Electoral Roll Officer c/o the Minster Centre, or by putting your form in the collection box in the Minster, or by sending an email to stewardship@southwellminster.org.uk