Human Gold Exhibition

‘Human Gold’ is a new exhibition of paintings, presented by a group of leading Hungarian artists exploring universal human values.

Artist representative, Timea Crowdy, writes:

What is that connects us all? What makes our thoughts? What is in our actions? What helps us to make our future? And what helps us live together?

Love, the pursuit of peace, compassion and humanity, the pursuit of harmony within our narrower and wider community, and the loving deeds that result from it – these are all our important, universal values.

Gerard Richter said: “Art is the most beautiful expression of hope.” Hope, love, humanity; such enduring values should come to the fore again in our troubled world. That is why we admire artists, creators who look at these concepts and draw inspiration from them to give us a beautiful fragment.

All are welcome to view the exhibition, which will be displayed in the North Transept of the Minster between Tuesday 11 February and Friday 6 March.

Entry is free but any donations, as always, are much appreciated. Artwork will be available to purchase.

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