Theology Group: God Outside the Box

All welcome to join us in Sacrista Prebend at 7.30 p.m. to discuss the challenging issues raised by Richard Harries’s book, whether you have read the chapters or not. God Outside the Box is out of print but available cheaply second-hand online. For further information email

September 10th Despot and Male Boss? (chapters 1 & 2 in Richard Harries)

September 24th Eternal Punishment and oddness of praise (chapters 3 & 4)

October 1st Why did it begin? Horror in nature (chapters 5 & 8)

October 15th Does God have favourites? (chapters 6 & 7)

October 29th Religion is divisive and keeps people immature? (chapters 10 & 11)

November 12th Christianity is anti-life & is for wimps? (chapters 13 & 16)

November 26th Christians eat God? (chapter 15)

December 10th The Silence of God and Suffering (chapters 20 & 21)

December 17th Christmas Party at Burgage Hill Cottage


Event Details

  • Venue: Sacrista Prebend Retreat House