Our popular series of talks based on the Leaves of Southwell returns.

The Leaves of Southwell Project presents:
Talks by four distinguished guests
All talks are held on Tuesdays at 2pm on Microsoft Teams

19 October – book your place here
Join Tamsin Greaves as she discusses her MA Museum and Heritage Development project ‘The Real Thing’ centred upon ‘The Leaves of Southwell’. In this exciting project, Tamsin explores the importance for young people to have the opportunity to visit and experience their local art and culture in ‘real life’ with the case study of introducing our naturalistic 13th century leaves carvings to Newark secondary school pupils.

2 November – book your place here
Dr Sophie Hollinshead is back, continuing her series in country lore traditions. In this talk Sophie will explore the traditions, sayings, foods, and folklore associated with Autumn in the countryside. As the nights grow longer and the days shorter, we will explore a range of seasonal lore and activities from the Harvest Home to the ‘blood month’ of November, join us to explore some well-known and some lesser-known traditions of Autumn.

16 November – book your place here
Most studies of medieval churches and cathedrals concentrate on the dates and sources of inspiration for the buildings. In this talk, Philip Dixon (Southwell Minster’s Cathedral archaeologist)  explores the links between patrons and builders, to try to identify the aims of the people who paid for the work and the interpretation of these aims by the workers who tried to turn the objective into stonework, looking at both religious and secular buildings.

30 November – book your place here
Honorary Librarian of Southwell Minster, Victoria Arthurson will be focusing on the Prebendaries of Southwell Minster at the time the glorious Chapter House was built. Who were they? What did they do? Why were so many absent from their duties? Victoria will also explore the wider view of what it was like to live at the end of the 13th and early 14th centuries, the culture, the danger, and the Church. Illustration will include manuscripts and artefacts from the Historic Chapter Library.