Starting on 28 February, we have three Sunday Online Eucharists which include brand new music composed by three of our own musicians. The Mass Setting for each of these services, which comprises the core musical content, has been written in response to a call for more music performable by just altos, tenors, and basses. These three new works are short, approachable, and showcase the lay clerks of the Cathedral choir in different ways. Two are in Latin, one in English, and all are appropriate for the more subdued season of Lent.

Guy Turner28 February: Guy Turner Missa brevis.
Guy is our Decani Bass lay clerk. As well as singing he is a composer with a great deal of experience, writing everything from short choral pieces to entire musicals. Guy is something of a polymath, and beyond the sphere of music he is probably best known as a quiz question checker for some of our favourite television quiz shows.

7 March: Erik Sharman Missa brevis.
Erik is our Decani Alto lay clerk. Erik is due shortly to move back home to Guernsey, having been with us for the last four years. When not singing, he is our Liturgy and Music Administrator – a critical and extensive role in ensuring all worship runs smoothly. Erik also works for a small publishing company, Sacristy Press, and is a qualified football referee.

14 March: James Furniss-Roe Mass in D minor.
James is currently our Organ Scholar. During his time here, James has made a significant contribution to the life of the Minster, and is a skilled organist and choir-trainer as well as composer. James’s musical tastes are broad, as are his tastes in cocktails – he is something of a keen mixologist with his own vlog.