In this difficult time, please find below a range of prayer resources including a Worship at Home booklet.



These are some of the choral pieces that would have been sung over the next two weeks at the Minster. Click here for a translation of the texts, all of which are in Latin. The links will take you to recordings of these pieces, but you may like to continue to explore further with these as starting points.

Poulenc – Timor et tremor

Poulenc – Vinea mea electa

Poulenc – Tenebrae factae sunt

Poulenc – Tristis est anima mea

Byrd – Ne irascaris Domine/Civitas Sancti tui


How to make an act of Spiritual Communion when we are unable to be together for the Eucharist

Guidance on Spiritual Communion


Daily Intercessions

Daily Intercessions 06 Jun 2022

Daily Intercessions 07 Jul 2022



Prayers, relevant for the current health situation

Prayers for Personal Use


Prayers with Children


Prayers about the Outbreak


Worship at home

Worship at Home booklet


Virtual Junior Church

Join us for the first ever Virtual Junior Church by clicking below
Virtual Junior Church,29 March 2020