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The Very Reverend Nicola Sullivan

We are delighted to be able to reopen for public worship as of today, Wednesday 2 December, in line with Government guidance and will be open daily from 11am-3pm. Please visit our Services Calendar page for up-to-date information on all services.

The Eucharist will still be recorded weekly from inside the Minster, and there are plenty of other ways to join in worship and fellowship together online, including daily Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer (Monday-Wednesday only) on Microsoft Teams (email richard.frith@southwellminster.org.uk to join), Stilling Prayer on Monday evenings and Compline on Thursdays. Whether we meet in person or online, we are one community, and part of the one body of Christ.

The Very Revd Nicola Sullivan
Dean of Southwell

Southwell Minster Online Services Calendar

Follow the Service link for full details and video. If you are looking for services to attend in the Cathedral, please click here.

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Stilling Prayer
Mondays at 7.30pm

Stilling Prayer is the Sacrista’s group that explores the Christian tradition of silent prayer. And in our time, with its all-pervasive messaging of all kinds, texting, social media trending, 24/7 news exposure etc that bombard our jangled minds and spirits, this practice of the ancient accumulated wisdom found in this form of prayer, is ever more relevant and liberating for our inner-selves. It enables us to live fully, God aware and as responsive disciples. But like all forms of prayer, we learn mostly, not by reading or talking about it, but by simply doing it. And being part of a group practicing silent prayer together is probably one of the best ways to start, as well as to continue an exploration of it. We offer the chance to do this in three ways. You can:

  • join the gathering in the Sacrista Chapel on Monday evenings from 7.30 – 8.10. This is followed by a short time to share over a cuppa for those who want to stay on
  • join the email distribution group to receive the weekly reflection and share in it either at the same time on a Monday or at another time convenient for you
  • join via a Zoom link in real-time of the actual Monday gathering in the Chapel. Folk using this have said how it helps them to focus and feel part of a group experience

All are welcome, whether you are exploring this ancient way of Christian prayer for the first time, or it’s been your way of prayer for years.

So if you’re interested, drop a line to Stephen, our coordinator, who will happily help you settle into the group in whatever way suits you.  Please contact Stephen Ibbotson on 07972 083369 or send an email to Stephen at ibbotson51@gmail.com.

The daily pattern of worship is the heartbeat of this Cathedral, a rhythm of praise and prayer.