Prayer for the Week

Week beginning Sunday 18 October

(St Luke's Day)

We praise you, Holy Spirit, for calling us
to serve you and to represent you
in this broken world.
Help us to be Christ's united body to heal and reconcile;
help us to share Christ's life with everyone.

A New Zealand Prayer Book

Week beginning Sunday 11 October

In a world whose web of life is intricate and beautiful,
save us, Lord, from carelessness and blindness.
In a world whose creatures are so varied and vulnerable,
save us, Lord, from plundering and cruelty.
In a world whose waters are fresh and whose oceans should cleanse,
save us, Lord, from wanton polluting.
In a world whose forests protect our air and wild-life,
save us, Lord, from the systems that drive us to destroy them.
In a world whose fruits are rich and plentiful,
save us, Lord, from waste and greed.

Angela Ashwin