The Catalogue

Follow the button links below to inspect the full list of Thiman's works held in the collection. Of course this document is work in progress and pieces are added to the catalogue as they are added to the collection. Thanks to all the publishers, libraries, music shops and individuals who have supported the collection by finding and contributing copies.

The main catalogue is listed alphabetically by the title of the piece concerned (with definite and indefinite articles included as part of the title - so you will find 'The Flower of Bethlehem' under T not F, for example). Where a piece is part of a collection (eg: 'Five Water Pieces'), you will find it listed both under its individual name and under the name of the collection - all collections have a list of the constituent pieces.

There is also the Miscellany Catalogue detailing Thiman-related items other than musical scores.

Finally there is a list of the known pieces which we have so far been unable to locate copies of – anyone with any information about these items is encouraged to make contact:

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