Sacrista Prebend Retreat House

Retreats and conferences in Southwell, Nottinghamshire

Sacrista reopened in July 2021! We have an exciting programme of events, including some on line as you will see below. We also look forward to welcoming groups and individuals who would like to make use of the house.

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Sacrista Prebend Learning, Conference and Retreat Centre is a quiet space in the heart of Southwell.

The House, with its chapel and large tranquil gardens, is available for anyone seeking stillness and peace, for individual or small group retreat. There is a programme of organised In House Quiet Days, and Sacrista is widely used by local and visiting groups as a place of prayer and meditation, and learning.

Subject to availability Sacrista Prebend and gardens can accommodate conferences and private functions. There are individual conference and meeting rooms for sessional use, and it offers overnight accommodation.

The House is one of Southwell’s historic Prebends. It is situated across the road from, and has stunning views of, Southwell Minster. Friends of Sacrista Prebend provide additional support. You can make a donation to Sacrista Prebend House and Gardens here.

For further information or enquiries, please contact us at:
Telephone: 01636 816833

Sacrista and Wellbeing with the World

Sacrista has a specific interest in sharing a Biblical understanding of wellbeing, which we call 'Wellbeing with the World'.  Our wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of all God's creation; not just my own or that of humanity.  So environmental and social justice are important as well as caring for ourselves, body, mind and spirit.  Wellbeing comes from our relationship with God, ourselves, others and creation and  brings us to God's gift of peace, which can be found even in the midst of hardship and suffering.

Many of our seminars are specifically linked to this topic but all that we offer of course promotes wellbeing!

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Events: Summer Programme

Open Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm. Weekends only when there are booked events

Sacrista Prebend Retreat House, 4 Westgate, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0JH
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