Good Friday
10:30am:  Liturgy of Good Friday

President: The Dean
Deacon: The Canon Precentor
Passion Gospel: lay clerks

A service of readings and prayers as we encounter Christ at the foot of the cross.

Please do join in at home as you are comfortably able: you may wish to stand, sit and kneel as you normally would in church (we have included instructions for posture in the order of service for this reason), and/or to speak and sing along with the congregational elements of the service.

A video of the Service will appear below at 10.30am. You do not need to sign in to watch it. Please refresh your browser by pressing F5 if the video doesn't play.

Liturgy of Good Friday

Litergy of Good Friday 10 April 2020
10 April 2020


Proclamation of the Cross

Proclamation of the Cross
Proclamation of the Cross April 2020

Devotions for Good Friday

We would also encourage you to keep a time of devotion on Good Friday with a cross at home. The Revd Preb. Dr Catherine Wright, who would have been leading our Three Hours’ Devotion this year, has prepared readings, reflections and prayers to help us to enter into the solemnity of this holiest of days.

Good Friday Devotions 2020
Good Friday Devotions: 10 April 2020