Volunteering Opportunities

At the very heart of Minster life is a dedicated army of over 300 volunteers that represent 60 different groups providing a warm welcome to its many worshipers and visitors. Our volunteers undertake a wide variety of roles, all of which are vital to the smooth running of the Minster’s daily life.

Volunteering at the Minster can be extremely rewarding, whether you contribute as a Flower Arranger, Bellringer, Steward, Guide, Server, or ‘Tea Maker’ – we value and make good use of people who come to us with all kinds of different backgrounds, age-groups, skills and interests.

Become a Minster Guide

Guides and Stewards undertake extensive training and have a wealth of knowledge about the history and architecture of the Minster. Our highly trained team will ensure you receive a warm welcome and an informative high quality tour.

Volunteer for the Education Department

We welcome thousands of school children every year to the Minster and depend on a team of education volunteers to help with school visits and family fun days.

Volunteer at The Cathedral Shop

The Cathedral Shop at Southwell Minster serves as a point of contact, welcome and ministry for visitors to the Minster and to the town of Southwell. It is situated on Church Street and staffed by customer service volunteers. Want to know more about working at the Cathedral Shop? Contact us at:

Telephone: 01636 812933
Email: cathedralshop@southwellminster.org.uk

Join the Bellringers

Bells have rung out from the Minster since 1050 and we know that there was a ring of eight bells in 1430. They are still ringing today at this wonderful place. The bells however require human input. In order to meet the needs for which the Southwell Minster bells are rung, a capable team of ringers is essential, this can only be achieved by ongoing recruitmen.

Become a Friend of Southwell Minster

The Friends were formed in 1947 to provide funds to: preserve the Cathedral; maintain daily worship of God; conserve and enhance the furnishings and adornments. They organise regular events for members to attend, including talks and social occasions. As well as raising money to support the Minster it is a great way to meet new friends.

Volunteer to garden in the grounds of Southwell Minster

The grounds and gardens at Southwell Minster and The Archbishop’s Palace provide a peaceful and charming environment for locals and visitors to walk through, play in, learn from and enjoy. They are also an important link to the Minster itself, the history that surrounds it and its future. We are looking for a small group of volunteers who can help us take care and nurture this beautiful space.

Become part of the Needlework Guild

In a busy worshipping community like Southwell Minster, there is a constant need for new textiles to replace old and worn out items, or as a part of developing and renewing worship in the Minster or elsewhere in the diocese. Embroidery has been used in Christian worship since the early years of the church, and by the time the current minster was built in the 12th century, embroidered vestments and church furnishings took their place amongst the finest stonemasonry, glass and woodwork as an intrinsic act of worship by their creators, as well as providing symbolism and Christian imagery for people attending services and visiting the minster. To this day we carefully plan and make any new vestments and textiles with these needs in mind, aware of the heritage that surrounds and inspires us, as well as the needs of our current and future congregations.

Join a work group at Potwell Dyke Grasslands

Potwell Dyke Grasslands are the last remaining remnants of the Archbishop of York’s deer park and hunting ground. This is a Site of Importance to Nature Conservation (SINC) due mainly to the variety of habitats found there.