Peter Eugene Ball – An Exhibition of Working Drawings

We are delighted to be hosting an exhibition of world-renowned artist Peter Eugene Ball’s working drawings.

Peter has work in over 80 cathedrals (including here in Southwell), churches and other religious buildings.

‘It has been a privilege to be involved in some of the most exciting projects for some of the most beautiful buildings and ultimately to see my work in these settings where it will remain for many years’.

Peter’s work takes its place alongside other objects, many of which having been there for centuries and are imbued with meaning and significance. The sculptures often become a focus of devotion.

When a new work is proposed for a religious building, a number of parties are involved in the complicated process of consultation. A considerable amount of information must be brought together, not least of all being the answer to the vital question ‘what will it look like?’

Working drawings are made to aid visualisation of the initial concept and so help in decision making. The drawings not only need to describe the imagined work itself, but must also convey a sense of how it will appear in the proposed setting.

The demands are considerable, but once the finished sculpture is in place, they immediately ‘belong’. Peter achieves this by creating work which responds to the complex and interconnected issues of architecture, hagiography, social and art historical matters, as well as local traditions, folk law and the vernacular style.

This exhibition comprises a selection of working drawings for sculptures created over a period of several decades and will be on display in the Quire.

Free admission, donations welcome

Event Details

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  • Venue: Southwell Minster