Art Exhibition – The Leaves That Do Not Wither

Wednesday 26 April – Thursday 25 May

Local artist Sarah Flanagan returns to Southwell Minster with her breath-taking new exhibition “The Leaves That Do Not Wither“.

An artists adventure with the famous Leaves of Southwell, showing our precious flora, fauna and other creatures that hide within the leaves.

Sarah says
“As an official artist working with Southwell Minster and The National Heritage Lottery Fund’s project to restore and celebrate the world-famous Leaves of Southwell, I was inspired by these intricate and fabulous 13th Century stone carvings, depicting highly detailed leaves, flowers and wildlife that are hidden but somehow seem to grow from the stone. Highly skilled craftsmen fashioned these beautiful carvings so long ago and on seeing them I was inspired to help others enjoy the wonders that they created, it has reawakened my love of our natural world. These days our world has a fragility that, with the threat of global warming and some of the precious creatures at risk of disappearing altogether, in a similar vein to the carvings if they hadn’t been restored, we must cherish while we still can. I wanted to show our natural world as it is now, bring the carvings to life in the here and now, ‘The Leaves That Do Not Wither’, pays homage to these bygone stonemasons.

I am also undertaking a collaborative piece which involves the work of others who attended my courses celebrating the Leaves Of Southwell; this will be included in the exhibition.”

Event Details

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  • Venue: Southwell Minster