The Sixteen’s 2024 Choral Pilgrimage Concert

We are delighted to welcome back The Sixteen with their eagerly anticipated Choral Pilgrimage Concert.

Tickets can be booked by clicking here.


  • The Sixteen
  • Harry Christophers conductor


plainsong             Lauda Jerusalem Dominum (Psalm 147)

LASSUS              Osculetur me osculo oris sui
CASULANA       Morir non puo il mio core
LASSUS              Credo from Missa Osculetur me
JOSQUIN            Benedicta es caelorum Regina
LASSUS              Cantai, or piango
LASSUS              Lauda Jerusalem Dominum


CHATELET         Benedicta es caelorum Regina (with si placet parts)
LASSUS               Salve Regina  a6
CASULANA       Vagh’ amorosi augelli
LASSUS              Magnificat Benedicta es caelorum Regina
Bob CHILCOTT  Lauda Jerusalem Dominum (parody on Cantai, or piango)

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: Southwell Minster