Dear England by Stephen Cottrell


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Dear England by Stephen Cottrell

Finding Hope, Taking Heart and Changing the World

‘What made you become a priest?’ This book is the answer Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell wishes he’d had the time to give to a stranger’s question. It’s also the letter he’d like to write to a divided country that no longer sees the relevance or value of Christianity.

Dear England is the story of how Christian faith can make sense of life, giving a framework for how we deal with out biggest questions and deepest longings; and how its value and ideals can shape the way we live in -and bring change to- the world. Written without resorting to individual experience or religious jargon, Dear England clears the obstacles that can get in the way of faith for those who, like it’s author, were brought up in a secular world, and haven’t had the opportunity to think clearly about the claims of faith.

Both contemplative and deeply practical, this is an invitation to reconsider the Christian hope of a changed heart – and a changed world.