Southwell Minster A Short Guide


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Southwell Minster

A Short Guide

For nearly 1000 years Southwell Minster has been a place of pilgrimage. The medieval Archbishops of York declared it to be the mother church of the County and it remains Nottinghamshire’s most loved building. The present Minster, on the site of an Anglo-Saxon church, was authorised by Archbishop Thomas of York in the 12th century. In 1884 it became the Cathedral Church of the newly created diocese of Southwell.

In the 21st century visitors continue to come to worship and to pray, or simply to admire and enjoy one of England’s finest medieval churches. There is an illustrated ‘History and Guide’ for those interested in the Minster’s architecture and colourful history and a Pilgrim’s Guide for those wishing to reflect further on their journey of faith. This visitors’ guide is for those content with a brief introduction to the building and its connection with the natural world, seen especially through its world renowned ‘Leaves’ – the 13th century stone foliage that adorns the Chapter House.

We hope you enjoy your visit.