The Crown Jewels: The Official Illustrated History


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The Crown Jewels: The Official Illustrated History

The Tower of London has over two million visitors a year, with the Crown Jewels as its centrepiece. This paperback edition of the official illustrated history of the Crown Jewels, the most famous jewelry collection in the world, incorporates spectacular new photographs with stunning details. Accessible and up-to-date text, based on original research, includes the story of two of the largest and most famous diamonds in the world – the Kohi-nûr and the Cullinan. This is the perfect souvenir for visitors to the Tower of London, as well as an ideal introduction for anyone interested in English history and monarchy.

Table of Contents

1. Origins; 2. The Age of Magnificence; 3. Meltdown; 4. Monarchy
Remade; 5. Splendours of the Table; 6. Crowns for Queens; 7. Fathers
and Sons; 8. Economy and Empire; 9. The New Ceremonialism; 10.
The Modern Age; Glossary; Bibliography;