The Sound of Musings Postcard set of 5


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The Sound of Musings Postcard set of 5 (one of each design)

Images by  Lamplight Art by Michaela , inspired by ‘ The Sound of Musings’

The Sound of Musings Book:

The Sound of Musings deftly traces Maria von Trapp’s journey through the iconic film, The Sound of Music. Inviting us to dance from scene to scene with the captivating and much-loved, ‘flibbertigibbet’ nun-turned-governess, Bryony Wood draws out profound and accessible insights to encourage us in our own journeys of faith.

Prompted by the story, songs and characters of the film, each short chapter looks at different aspects of life, love and faith, helping us discover more about God’s love and purposes for all of us. Inspiring, authentic and biblically rooted, The Sound of Musings is also a lot of fun!

So, as Maria would say, lets start at the very… (you know where!)

set of 5 postcards featuring artwork inspired by ‘The Sound of Musings’