The Wind, the Fountain and the Fire by Mark Barrett


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The Wind, the fountain and the Fire by Mark Barrett

Scripture and the Renewal of the Christian Imagination

The 2020 Lent Book from Bloomsbury invites readers to follow the monastic journey of Lenten prayer.

In The Wind, the Fountain and the Fire, Mark Barrett, a Benedictine monk of Worth Abbey, explores a path of scriptural prayer by opening the gateway of biblical imagery as a way into prayerful reflection.

Scripture, and especially the Book of Psalms, has always formed the substance of the daily prayer of Christian monks and nuns. How might the vivid imagery of the Psalms and the Gospels enable all of us to discover the wind of the Spirit, the fountain of living water and the fire from which God speaks, within the printed pages of our Bibles and in the reality of our lives?