We need to talk about Race by Ben Lindsay


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We need to talk about Race by Ben Lindsay

Understanding the Black Experience in White Majority Churches

‘A Must-read for the UK Church’ Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury

Ben Lindsay offers eye-opening insights into the black religious experience, challenging the status quo in white majority churches. Filled with examples from real-life stories, including his own, and insightful questions, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of race relations in the Church in the UK and shows us how we can work together to create a truly inclusive church community.

‘Attending a brilliantly insightful and challenging Bishop’s Study day in March (on Zoom!)  at which Ben Lindsay was a keynote speaker led me to this timely, readable and eye-opening book. Apart from my time spent living and in working in Africa, I confess to only having worshipped and ministered in white majority churches. This will be true for most Christians in the UK.  Ben’s personal experience makes the reader both angry and hopeful that change can happen. 

Our churches can be truly diverse, open, inclusive and take action which effects real transformation to shift power structures and hear other voices. Ben draws on the scriptures and the foundational hard work of prayer to bring a wholehearted response to the sin of our prejudice and bias to reveal a true picture of living in the rich and lively variety of God’s Church. Ben’s work among high-risk young people in gangs involved in serious youth violence brings reality and hard questions for the Church and society.’

The Very Reverend Nicola Sullivan

Dean of Southwell