Engagement for All

Alongside the money set aside for the capital works, there was a substantial budget to allow for engagement of the public through workshops, tours and talks for adults, learning sessions for schools and outreach to families. From family fun days and trails, art projects for a local school and tours of the capital works with our expert consultants, we provided something to appeal to all members of the community. These leaves are part of our local and national heritage, and our aim is to help our visitors to love, enjoy and experience their wonder and the wonder of the natural world which they represent.

A suite of interpretive materials has been developed to tell the story of the leaves, which includes printed guides, video, tactile models and some new furniture and signage. Many months of research and design have gone into this, which we hope will help visitors to experience the site in a new way for a modern audience.

Memories of Nature

For many people, nature is a place of solace and filled with a lifetime of memories. This initiative reflected on how important nature is to us. It was part of the ‘Leaves of Southwell’ project, part-funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund. Below, Joyce shares her favourite memories of spending time in nature. We would love to hear about your memories of time spent in the countryside or in parks, gardens and allotments.
You can download our Memories of Nature activity sheet here or view it below.