Hard Hat Tours of the Quire Roof and Chapter House

Scaffolding quire roof

As part of Leaves of Southwell project, vital restoration work was completed on the Quire roof and 13th century Chapter House, thanks to the funding of the National Lottery Hertiage Fund. In early spring 2020, we were given the unique opportunity to lead some hard hat tours to view the contractors at work on the roof.  Did you know that if you lay all the scaffolding used in our roof – works end-to-end, it would nearly reach Lincoln Cathedral! It was really exciting to see the contractors working on the new lead roof and peering down into the old roof beams of the Minster.

hard hat tours roof

In September 2020, the project archaeologist and contractor recently led hard hat tours of the Chapter House, so members of the public could see for themselves the project underway.

Hard Hat tours of Chapter House