A wonderful  group of volunteers work on the NLHF funded Leaves conservation project with the team of expert contractors, architects and archaeologists. Since the 19th century floor has been lifted, members of Southwell Community Archaeology Group have been busy sieving through the rubble to check for interesting finds. They found an eclectic mix of artefacts, including modern coins, a possible ‘traders’ token’, plastic beads, pieces of lead, old ironwork (including coffin nails), splinters of painted wood, pottery and bone! The ‘star finds’ are a Roman coin and a decorated bone peg, which could date back to early times in the Minster’s’ history. Research is being undertaken, but speculations include a Victorian ‘gaming counter’, a scoring peg from a cribbage board or maybe it’s from the Civil War period or the Dark Ages. It could have been used in the game of ‘Nine Men’s Morris’. The question is – how did they get there…? Suggestions on a postcard…. We look forward to updating you when we know more.  If you’d be interested in helping on the project as a volunteer, please contact Helen, Community Engagement Coordinator on helen.bates@southwellminster.org.uk