Platinum Jubilee Decoration: Fair Trade


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Fair Trade Platinum Jubilee Decoration

This delightful crown decoration is handmade in India using the traditional method of zardozi embroidery. Zari – meaning gold – embroidery originated in Persia and reached India in the 12th century.

It is a highly skilled embroidery technique that traditionally used gold wires and jewels to embellish courtly robes. Zardozi work is now a rare and respected craft, the skills of which, with your support, continue to be handed down from generation to generation. Zari-work is now officially recognized as one of the ‘Ancient Handicrafts’ by the Government of India.

St. Nicolas is a member of BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Suppliers) and supports the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, as set out by the WorldFair Trade Organisation.

  • The decoration measures 9cm x 10cm
  • Supplied by St Nicolas
  • Handmade in India
  • Ethically sourced