Carved in Stone: the Green Man in Gothic Sculpture

The Leaves of Southwell Project presents an online talk by Cassandra Harrington.

Leaves of Southwell stone carvings

Flourishing in the margins of medieval visual culture, foliate heads or Green Men enriched manuscripts and buildings. This talk will examine how recovering and piecing together the historical context of Green Men iconography can shed light on its significance during the High Gothic period and this exploring the cultural and symbolic importance of these enigmatic images.

About Cassandra Harrington:

Cassandra Harrington is a medieval art historical and PhD Candidate at the University of Kent. She has research interests in sculpture, manuscripts and illumination, architecture, the transmission and reception of ideas, and the dialogue between visual and textual modes of medieval Europe. Cassie currently teaches at Kent as an Assistant Lecturer in the School of History and is working on a reappraisal of Gothic ‘foliate head’ iconography for her PhD