Theology Group Summer Programme

Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love 

7 June: Visions 11-14a, to end Chapter 49 (p. 113)
21 June: Visions 14b, to end Chapter 63 (p. 147)
5 July: Visions 15, to end (p. 180)
19 July: Party at Burgage Hill Cottage

All meetings are at Sacrista Prebend, Westgate, Southwell, 7.30-9 p.m. Do just turn up or email for a zoom link if you would prefer to attend virtually.

We are reading the longer text, which has Julian’s revolutionary theology of sin and its remedy, her universalism and emphasis on Christ as mother. The Penguin edition, ed. Elizabeth and Antony Spearing is the one we are using.