The Leaves of Southwell Project presents a seasonal talk by Dr Sophie Hollinshead

As the days reach their shortest and we prepare for Christmas and other winter festivals this talk explores some of the customs, recipes, folklore and sayings that mark rural life at this time of year. What lies behind the plough plays performed in some of the local villages, why might we drink lambswool on Twelfth Night, and why do we bring holly into our homes in the winter? Join us for an exploration of country lore past and present. This talk was originally held on 1 December 2020.


About Sophie Hollinshead

I worked at the University of Nottingham for over twenty-five years as a lecturer in interdisciplinary humanities within the School of Adult Education. I currently work as a freelance lecturer and researcher, also as a heritage assistant at Newstead Abbey. Although I originally studied Art History my research interests expanded into the field of landscape and culture and my PhD explored the transformatory potential of landscape on the individual. The impact, influences, and traditions of place of are what inform my current research. I am particularly interested in the landscapes of East Midlands, their history and heritage.

In ‘normal’ times we would hold this talk ‘in person’ and make a small charge. In the current circumstances, we are inviting you to make a donation, if you are able to, which will support the work of Southwell Minster. Please make a donation here. Thank you for your support.