Guild of Stewards

Members of the Guild of StewardsStewards are volunteers who do the vital job of greeting visitors to the Cathedral Church of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

"The hidden treasure hidden in Southwell Minster are the volunteers. Wonderful guides that have the secrets of its stones"

Membership of the Guild is open to anyone able to fulfil the duties required. It is not necessary to be a member of the Minster community or any other church but it is important to be sympathetic to the Minster as an active church. Training is given so that volunteers are able to have an understanding and knowledge of the Minster’s history and architecture. Volunteers need to enjoy meeting and greeting people from all walks of life and be able to develop a rapport with visitors to this beautiful Cathedral.

Anyone interested in becoming a Steward, please contact:
The Chief Steward, The Minster Office. Telephone: 01636 812649.

There are also opportunities for volunteering on the Minister Welcome Desk.
Please call 01636 812649 if you would like to know more.

"We visited your magnificent Minster recently and bought a Visitor's Companion. We enjoyed visiting very much and it was greatly enhanced by the excellent Companion, beautifully compiled and with just the right amount of information."

Would you like to be the welcoming face of Southwell Minster?

Every year, Southwell Minster welcomes a large number of visitors from all over the world. As they enter the building they are greeted by a Steward who has the vital job of making them feel welcome. Could this be you?

What do Minster Stewards do?

Stewards ensure that all visitors feel welcome throughout their visit, welcoming them to the Minster and drawing their attention to key aspects of the building and its work as a parish church. It is important to be sensitive to the needs of each individual visitor as some people prefer to study the building on their own.

What initial preparation is involved?

You will attend sessions on the role of the Steward and to learn of the Minster’s history, architecture, stained glass, art and carvings. These sessions will allow you to be able to help visitors to feel welcome and appreciate and value the Minster’s heritage.

There are normally two or more Stewards on duty together so there will always be someone to provide help should you need it. Each new Steward joins an experienced Steward who acts as their mentor.

Our Stewards

Name: Vanessa
How long have you been a Steward? 18 months
Previous career: Physiotherapist
Why did you become a Steward? I’ve lived in Southwell for so long and really wanted to give something back. The Minster is such a marvellous place and something we need to look after for generations to come.
Favourite thing about being a Steward: Meeting all sorts of people and understanding their various reasons for coming. I love playing a part in making their experience as positive as possible

Name: Joanne
How long have you been a Steward? 18 months
Current career: I used to work in a legal office
Why did you become a Steward? Once I retired I wanted something to do with my time. I have always liked the Minster. I live close by and it is a lovely place.
Favourite thing about being a Steward: The very different people that come into the Minster. It is very gratifying to help them enjoy their visit, by answering their questions and informing them about the 1,000 year of history of this wonderful building.

Name: Shaun
How long have you been a Steward? 13 years
Previous career: Pharmaceutics
Why did you become a Steward? I became fascinated by the building and what it stood for and then fell for its atmosphere and history.
Favourite thing about being a Steward: Working with and getting to know so many amazing people from all walks of life and playing a supportive role in the day to day running of a Cathedral and the challenges it faces.


The Minster Guild of Stewards

All Stewards are members of the Minster Guild of Stewards, which oversees the recruitment of new Stewards and their initial learning programme. The Guild also offers an ongoing learning and development programme and organises social activities.

Benefits of becoming a Steward?

  • Meeting new people, from all walks of life every day
  • Playing a vital part in the Minster’s mission to welcome all visitors
  • Working in Nottinghamshire’s most loved building
  • Make lifelong friends with other Stewards and staff
  • Social events

Are you interested in becoming a Steward?

We are looking for people from any age group or background with a positive approach and the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people. You must be able to make a monthly commitment of two or three sessions a month with each session lasting around two and a half hours.

Saying thankyou to our volunteers
Saying thankyou to our volunteers

If you can meet these criteria and would like to know more about the important role of our Stewards, or if you want to volunteer in other areas of Minster life please contact the Minster Office on 01636 812649 or by email and you will be put in touch with the Chief Steward or Volunteer Group Leader. We will then welcome you to an informal meeting to discuss the role in more detail where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.