Help us raise £35,000 to replace our choir and clergy robes.

New Choir & Clergy Robes Appeal

Services have been sung in Southwell Minster for centuries, and the robes worn by our choir and handed down to each new set over the last 20+ years are wearing out. We are launching an appeal to replace the robes so as to have one style and colour for the choristers (boys and girls), lay clerks and Chapter clergy.

Help us raise £35,000 to replace our choir and clergy robes

Our choir fill the Cathedral with glorious music six days a week and we want them to wear robes that reflect the high level of sacred music sung in the Cathedral, and also when they are on tour.  When the Girls’ Choir was started over ten years ago, the girls wore a different style and colour of gown rather than the classic chorister cassock and surplice.  The time has come   to dress all choir members consistently so that we don't differentiate between boy and girl choristers. We want to give a ‘one team' message through the way clergy and the choir dress and the new robes will be a smart maroon colour.

Donors are being invited to make a donation to the Appeal of any amount, or to sponsor what it costs to kit out a chorister, Lay Clerk/organist or member of clergy.

  • £250 would equip a Child chorister, £415 an Older chorister (adult sizes)
  • £590 would equip a Lay Clerk/Organist,
  • £815 Clergy

Southwell Cathedral is a registered charity. You can donate to the Robes appeal online with JustGiving.

Alternatively, donations can be made by cheque, made payable to Southwell Cathedral Chapter and sent to the Minster Centre (address below) or handed to a verger. Please quote "Choir robe appeal" on the back of the cheque.

The Minster Centre
NG25 0HD