Children at the Minster on Sundays

As the Minster slowly emerges from the limitations of Covid there are currently no children’s activities during the main morning service. As things become clearer and congregation numbers increase we hope to consider setting up some regular activities during the main morning service.

Children and Families Events
During the last 18 months we have actively developed a number of special events and activities outside which have attracted large numbers of children and families. These include stories, craft activities, things to take and do at home, and refreshments where possible. We are planning to continue to hold regular events based around seasons and special occasions such as Harvest, Halloween, Christingle, Christmas, Easter, Lent, and so on. These will be advertised on the Minster website as well as through local contacts including the primary schools in Southwell.

Nick Harding works with the Minster organising these events and keeping contact with Lowes Wong Junior and Infant Schools. For more information please contact: