Year 6 Activities:
‘Make A Difference’

We are taking a break from our usual annual Year 6 Festival Days in July this year, but hope to be back in 2023.

Super messages given to take back and follow up (Year 6 Teacher)

Instead we are offering this set of online resources – videos and activities starting with the Minster – which help children to consider what it takes to ‘Make A Difference’ in the world as they remember their primary school years and look forward to secondary school and the new adventures in store. We hope the materials give you a day or two of interesting discussions, reflections and activities for the end of year.

Year 6 Activities Resources

The resources are divided into 5 activities, which do not have to be done in order. However we do suggest that the Introduction and Activity 1 should be done first as they are a good introduction to the theme and the Minster respectively.


An introduction to the theme of moving on and feelings about the big change ahead. The Story of Jonah, discussion about what the story can teach us.

Watch: The Story of Jonah (10.5 minute video)