Time Travelling Pilgrimage Days

Let us bring your RE teaching about Christian belief, worship and practice to life for you at the Cathedral church of the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, a living place of Christian worship.

‘We went to Southwell Minster…. The saddest part was leaving but it was the best trip ever!
Oliver, Year 5 pupil

Time Travelling dates for 2025

  • Key Stage 2 – Monday 10th to Friday 14th March 2024 (recommended for years 3-5)
  • Key Stage 1 – Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th June 2025 (years 1 and 2)

You are invited to join us for a memorable modern-day pilgrimage for children. Investigate architecture, artefacts and symbols; hear Bible stories and learn how faith is expressed. Learning outcomes are from the Notts Agreed Syllabus and links to ‘Understanding Christianity’. Content can be viewed in detail for KS1 here and for KS2 here. Each group is accompanied by a volunteer Pilgrim Guide, and activities are led by our team. We start and end the day with collective worship – special songs, meet a priest and hear the organ.

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Key Stage 2: years 3-5, 10am – 2.15pm, includes 6 activities, sticker book & online materials.

Key Stage 1: years 1-2, 10am-12.30pm, includes 4 activities, sticker book & online materials. You have the option to stay for a picnic and afternoon teacher-led activities.

Pilgrimage: (Definition Macmillan online dictionary)
  • A journey that a religious person makes to a holy place.
  • A visit to a place that is connected to someone or something that is important to you.

The Minster is a place of spiritual significance due to its Cathedral status (it contains the seat of the Bishop), and its connection with the nation’s history. This makes it a special place for all visitors, especially those who live in Nottinghamshire.

If you would like to arrange a visit to the Minster for your school, please contact education@southwellminster.org.uk or call 01636 817816.

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Music Downloads

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Music & Backing Tracks

One of the highlights of the Time Travelling day is singing together in the great Nave of the Cathedral. Our collection of songs were specially written, and we ask teachers to help children to learn two of them before their visit: Time Travel, Travelling and God Goes With Us. We make this easy for you by providing what you need in downloadable form.  You can learn all the songs or just the ones needed on the day you are coming.

You can download the tracks as either the complete song, or just as a backing track.

Time Travelling song download | Time Travelling backing track download

Minster Song download | Minster backing track download

God Goes With Us song download | God Goes With Us backing track download

How song download | How backing track download

Pilgrims Together song download | Pilgrims Together backing track download

River song download | River backing track download

Or download the entire collection of songs and backing tracks as a zip file.
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Download the lyrics for all the songs.

Music Sheets

Time Travelling sheet music download

Minster Song sheet music download

God Goes With Us sheet music download

How sheet music download

Pilgrims Together sheet music download

River sheet music download

Or download the entire collection of sheet music.
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Badge / Shield Downloads

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Personalised virtual lessons are available to book directly with Diana.
Diana Ives (Head of Education), education@southwellminster.org.uk or 01636 817816