Due to COVID19, plans for 2021 Time Travelling are uncertain. When we know any more information it will be posted here. Thank you for your patience.

Visits for individual class bubbles are available to book safely. Please contact the education office to discuss: Diana Ives (Education Officer), Matt Hustwayte (Administrator):  education@southwellminster.org.uk 01636 817993.

The details below are what you could have expected to see in a usual year and we hope that 2021 will see these exciting and informative days return to normal.

Time Travelling

Pilgrimage Days

Let us bring your RE teaching about Christian belief, worship and practice to life for you.

Securely linked to the Notts Agreed Syllabus for RE and the ‘Understanding Christianity’ resource, children take part in 6 (KS2) or 4 (KS1) activities designed to be practical and interactive as we welcome them to and help them get to know ‘their’ Cathedral.

... we went to Southwell Minster ... the saddest part was leaving, But it was the best trip ever! (Oliver, Year 5 pupil)

This twice yearly, week-long education event is our largest of the year and attracts thousands of pupils from schools across Nottinghamshire and beyond.

Guides: You will be assigned a ‘Pilgrim Guide’ (a member of our experienced volunteer team) who will meet, greet and befriend you on your visit, answering questions, ensuring you don’t get lost and that staff are provided with a much needed cuppa.

Activity Leaders: These are members of the volunteer team and will lead children’s activities and workshops, ensuring learning outcomes are met. Some are adult members of our choir or specialist story tellers or actors.

Activities: There are 24 ‘routes’ around the Minster, so not all children will do exactly the same activities. Each route contains a balance of themes, however, and we ensure that all children will make something to take away and receive a ‘Pilgrim Journal’, to put stickers on, reminding them of their activities and learning which is both a souvenir and useful prompt for follow up work back at school. Detailed information about activities and curriculum links can be found below.


Music Downloads

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Music & Backing Tracks

One of the highlights of the Time Travelling day is singing together in the great Nave of the Cathedral. Our collection of songs were specially written, and we ask teachers to help children to learn two of them before their visit: Time Travel, Travelling and God Goes With Us. We make this easy for you by providing what you need in downloadable form.  You can learn all the songs or just the ones needed on the day you are coming.

You can download the tracks as either the complete song, or just as a backing track.

Time Travelling song download | Time Travelling backing track download

Minster Song download | Minster backing track download

God Goes With Us song download | God Goes With Us backing track download

How song download | How backing track download

Pilgrims Together song download | Pilgrims Together backing track download

River song download | River backing track download

Or download the entire collection of songs and backing tracks as a zip file.
Please note this is a large download (70Mb) and could take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Download the lyrics for all the songs.

Music Sheets

Time Travelling sheet music download

Minster Song sheet music download

God Goes With Us sheet music download

How sheet music download

Pilgrims Together sheet music download

River sheet music download

Or download the entire collection of sheet music.
Please note this is a large download (6.5Mb) and could take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.


To contact the education team: Diana Ives (Education Officer), Matt Hustwayte (Administrator),  education@southwellminster.org.uk, 01636 817993