Key Stage 1 Online Materials

Welcome to the online resources for Key Stage 1.

How to use the materials: The items in GREEN are general– useful as pre-visit, introductory materials and are more generally about the Minster.

The items in BLUE are folders, each containing a video and supplementary resources on one topic. The topics, content and Agreed Syllabus links can found in the document ‘Content and Information KS1 online’ , which can be found at the top of each blue folder. It shows the Agreed Syllabus links. These resources can be used as lessons in school, or as a refresher to a Minster visit. We’d suggest, if you are making a site-visit with your school, that you use these as follow up.

You can book an in-person lesson or Q&A with Diana, or she can come into school email or call 01636 817816 to arrange.